Glass is an elegent, versatile, and timeless material that helps create bright and bold interior design spaces. Creative applications of glass in room dividers, doors, or furniture, can help create eco-friendly environments that reflect contemporay living and architectural trends.

Salam Industries is an expert in this field, and has established its own leading edge glass division to handle all type of glass fabrication nedded for interior works. Aread of production include: partitions, display units, shelves, coloured glass, bent glass, crystal glass, painted and fused galsses, safety glass, shower glass, and laminated glass.

Highly skilled craftsman employ stat-of-the-art machinery such as a computerised cutting machine with the latest technology - plus, beveling, polishing, drilling and edge shaping machines - to create truly unique work. Additionally, the division is equipped with ovens for lamination, fusing, and glass bending.

The division also stacks all types and thicknesses of color, extra clear, crystal, and coloured glass, in addition to normal and antique mirrors, as well as a comprehensive range of fittings and accessories.

Due to having this highly specialised facility, Salam Industries is now able to supply all the requirements for interior decoration and fit-out work projects with the highest quality glass, accessories, and workmanship.