There can be few areas of interior design that require as much passion and craftsmanship as the creation of hand-tufted carpets. The level of expertise in the Salam World of Carpets division has attracted high level clients that include luxury hotels, offices, commercial centers, banks, resorts and residential building. Its unique and striking carpets can be seen in iconic locations across the region. It is also renowned for the trading of superior commercial and Persian carpets.

Both Salam Industries and Salam Enterprises are Qatar's and the region's leading fit-out contractors and furniture manufactures. Founded forty and twenty years ago respectively, Salam Industries' Carpets Division along with the carpets trading arm of Salam Enterprises are interlinked with the services they offer to interior market on multiple levels. Both companies are proud to be part of Salam International Investment Limited (SIIL), one of Qatar's oldest publicly listed conglomerates and ranked as one of the Middle East's successful models of well-structured and organised corporations.