The realm of hard surface is now extremely creative and complex, with every type of material, texture and look being made availabel in order to cater to an icreasingly diverse customer base. Supplied in a wide spectrum of colours, hard surface suit every style of design, sensibility and application - ranging from luxurious home kitchen remodeling and upscale restaurant designs, to spectacular lobby and reception areas in hotels, health facilities, offices, and official premises.

More importantyly, these surfaces are flexible enough to adapt to any interior concept. Depending on the requirements of a project, different materials with specific properties can be utilised for the best effect. For example, some hard surfaces are anti-bacteria making them ideal for the best effect. For example, some hard surfaces are anti-bacteria making them ideal for public spaces such as hospitals, schools, and airports. Others are highly durable, chemical resistant, non-porous, stain resistant, easy to clean and refurbish, meaning they are well suited to asthetically driven project designs with elaborate shapes. Indeed, hard surfaces has become a niche area of expertise in its own right.

The Hard Surfaces division of Salam industries has become a force to be reckoned with, and is capitalising on potential opportunities by being involved in projects contributing to the growth and prosperity of the region specifically on work related to sports, health facilities, hotels, prestigious public buildings and restaurants.

The essence of delivering a successful hard surface project lays in the engineering work, usage of the right raw material, uitlising the latest equipment and technologies in forming the suface to the desired shape and pattern and most importantly to having the unmatched skills of techincians' producing the works and installing it.

Salam Industries Hard Surface is also the authorized fabricator of various international suppliers of solid surfaces. It aims to continue to be a leader in the interior design and fit-out industry, by introducing and delivering high quality products and services that meet the highest expectations. The company is proud to be part of Salam International Investment Limited (SIIL), one of Qatar's oldest publicly listed conglomerates and ranked as one of the Middle East's successful models of well-structured and organized corporations.